Prince Andrew joked how he urinated on woman’s foot to cure sea urchin sting on Epstein’s ‘paedo island’, staff claim


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PRINCE Andrew joked he had urinated on a woman’s foot with his “royal member” to cure a sea urchin sting on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, staff claimed.

The Duke of York is claimed to have stayed on the now-infamous Little Saint James with a “tall, bleached blonde” woman who said she was a brain surgeon.

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Prince Andrew is calimed to have joked about his ‘royal member’[/caption]


Little Saint James is known as ‘paedo island’[/caption]

Cathy and Miles Alexander spent eight years managing Epstein’s home in the US Virgin Islands before quitting after he was first arrested over child sex allegations.

The South African couple worked for Epstein for eight years, from 1999 to 2007, and recalled seeing numerous comings and goings from the ocean paradise which became known as “paedo island“, “orgy island”, or the “island of sin”.

The couple had replied to an ad in 1998 looking for someone to manage the island, and say they were interviewed by Ghislaine Maxwell before meeting Epstein in New York.

While managing the island, they claim Prince Andrew was the first guest who visited – arriving via helicopter with the brain surgeon after they took up their post in April 1999.

“The Duke came via helicopter with his bodyguard and a woman in her 30s, who said she was a brain surgeon,” Cathy told the Daily Mail in 2011.

“She was tall, bleached blonde and had big boobs.

“They shared a room and spent most of their time on the beach windsurfing, sailing or doing other water sports.”

Andrew is claimed to have one day told them his guest had stepped on a sea urchin and he had “urinated on her foot as a remedy”.

Cathy said Andrew joked “the royal member has done its duty” – adding the Duke was “great fun and very undemanding”.

Andrew is said to have stayed on the island for two weeks and left a tip of £220, being one of the only guests to do so.

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Prince Andrew was pals with Jeffrey Epstein[/caption]


Prince Andrew met Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell[/caption]

Cathy said Andrew would visit at least once more along with Epstein and Maxwell, and he would also fly over the island on his way to Monserrat.

“[He] got the pilot to dip the wings as a signal to us,” she added.

Cathy’s husband Miles describing running the island as like being in charge of a “five-star hotel where no-one paid”.

He added: “Lots of people came and went.”

The couple claim they were warned by Maxwell “never to disturb” Epstein while he was in his bedroom – adding it was “absolutely forbidden”.

They explained Epstein would have daily massages, which victims have since explained were just a guise for sexual abuse.

Cathy and Miles became increasingly concerned about the number of young looking girls coming and going from the island, many parading around topless or naked when Epstein was in residence.

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The infamous photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell[/caption]

Cathy explained they were suspicious but didn’t have any “proof” of wrongdoing – and claim never to have seen any of the sex parties described by victims.

Miles said: “I took the view that what went on behind closed doors was not my business and it is not my place to judge. If anything was going on we didn’t want to know.”

He added they also turned down some requests by Epstein to smuggle guests onto the island by boat, but Maxwell allegedly told them “what Jeffrey wants, Jeffrey gets”.

The couple quit in 2007 after Epstein was arrested in Florida the previous year – later being sentenced to 18 months in jail for solicitation of prostitution.

The couple also claimed during their very first visit to the island during an interview they had to leave due to a VIP guest arriving, later being told that it was also Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew is claimed to have first met Andrew in 1999 after being introduced to him by Maxwell, who he knew from her time in the UK.

Little Saint James is the centre of many claims about Epstein’s revolving door of young girls who Maxwell and others are alleged to have procured for him to abuse.

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Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein allegedly worked together to abuse girls[/caption]

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Virginia Roberts holds a photo of herself taken a year after she claims she was first abused by Jeffrey Epstein[/caption]

Andrew strongly denies any allegations against him and said he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing while friends with Maxwell and Epstein.

The Duke of York is accused of sleeping with Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts at Maxwell’s townhouse in London in March 2001 when she was just 17.

The infamous picture allegedly showing Andrew, Ghislaine and Virginia together was taken on the same night.

Andrew has said he has no memory of the photo being taken – and has suggested it could be a fake.

She also claims to have had sex with Andrew at Epstein’s mansion in New York and on his private island of Little Saint James.

Andrew has admitted visiting the island once, but former staff and victims have claimed they saw him there on multiple occasions.


Jeffrey Epstein appearing in court in 2019[/caption]


Ghislaine Maxwell appears via videolink in court in New York[/caption]

Maxwell has been accused of taking part in the grooming and abuse of dozens of underage girls by Epstein.

She is currently in prison awaiting her day in court after being arrested by the FBI in July and strongly denies all allegations.

The current charges against her relate to allegations by three alleged victims in particular.

She has pleaded not guilty, and her lawyers have accused the victims of trying to turn her into a scapegoat since the death of Epstein.

Epstein killed himself in his cell at a New York prison in August last year while awaiting trial on charges – depriving many victims of justice.

Victims allege they were duped with claims she was recruiting models of masseurs – only to them be abused by the Epstein and Maxwell.

Cathy and Miles claim that Maxwell bragged to them she was the “queen bee” and the “one in charge” – describing her as being “very friendly,” but “rather arrogant”.

Prince Andrew’s representatives declined to comment after being contacted by The Sun Online.

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