Monster tried to buy child sex slave for $15k on Dark Web and wanted to keep girl in basement ‘to abuse like Fritzl’


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A SICK paedophile has admitted to trying to buy a CHILD for $15,000 on the dark web and planning to “use a basement” like rape monster Josef Fritzl, a court heard.

The New Zealand native, whose online username is ‘Kiwipedo’, reportedly offered cash or Bitcoin for a minor under the age of seven stating that he intended to sexually abuse them.

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A paedophile in New Zealand referenced Josef Fritzl when he tried to buy a small child to abuse on the dark web[/caption]


The man, using the name Kiwipedo, unwittingly interacted with three cops online[/caption]

Yesterday, the unnamed man appeared in Auckland District Court and pleaded guilty into entering into a dealing involving a minor for sexual exploitation in early 2015.

He also admitted to possessing 417 sick images, the court was told.

According to the NZ Herald, the twisted monster was actually messaging an undercover police officer in Australia when he said they should “kidnap one and use a basement like Fritzl.”

Kiwipedo referenced Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who kidnapped his own daughter and kept her in a basement for 24 years raping her daily and impregnating her multiple times.

The Aussie cop then forwarded his correspondence with Kiwipedo along with his details to other officers who began interacting with him as well.

It was then the sick pervert told one detective that he was willing to pay $15,000 (£7,600) for a child under seven.

The policeman asked if he wanted an Asian child and if he was worried that having a minor in his home would draw suspcion, the court was told.

Kiwipedo then once again referenced his plans for a rape chamber, saying: “It’s called a basement.”

The court heard the paedo messaged a third officer who suggested they meet up at a hotel and abuse an infant.

He also said they should exchange USBs with sick content to increase their depraved collection of child abuse images, it has been reported.

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Auckland District Court heard the sick monster also had hundreds of disgusting child abuse images[/caption]

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