Home and Away star Joshua Quong Tart can’t remember ‘threatening to rape’ female cop after being found drunk and naked


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HOME and Away star Joshua Quong Tart walked free from court after claiming he “couldn’t remember” threatening to rape a female police officer.

The Aussie soap actor was found wandering around a train station car park completely naked before he was accused of hurling the abuse at the cop.


Josh Quong Tart, played Miles ‘Milco’ Copeland in Home and Away from 2007 to 2011[/caption]

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He had been struggling with alcohol problems and had PTSD and ADHD[/caption]

Earlier that day, Quong Tart, who played Milco Copeland in the soap opera, had smashed his car into a median strip on the Princes Highway at Albion Park Rail in Sydney, Australia.

Concerned members of the public managed to pull Quong Tart from the vehicle and held him down on the grass as they waited for police to arrive on November 24 last year.

When they arrived, he refused a breath test and shouted at officers: “I hate you f***ing people. F*** you.”

Smelling strongly of alcohol, he was taken to the police station, where he wet himself in police custody.

A court heard that he had suffered with alcohol addiction, post traumatic stress syndrome and attention deficit hyper activity disorder.

He was charged with resisting arrest, wilful and obscene exposure and intimidating a police officer in south of Sydney.


All six charges were dealth with under the Mental Health Act at Wollongong Local Court today.

Quong Tart’s laywer said he had been under stress and self medicating with alcohol and “doesn’t recall” the incident at all.

The statement of facts read: “The accused was very unsteady on his feet and barely able to lift himself off the ground.

“The accused also lost control of his bladder and wet his pants during his time in his cell.”

He was eventually released but after about an hour police were called to find him staggering around the train station without any clothes on.

He was seen attempting to unlock someone else’s car.

He resisted arrest, kicked a constable and was taken back to custody.

At the station he bombarded officers with threats including: “F*** you c***s, I’ll have you” and called one female officer a s*** and told her “I’ll rape you”, according to a police statement.

Police initially refused him bail, with an officer stating in court documents: “The accused’s behaviour whilst in a public place is nothing short of deplorable.

“The accused threatened to rape female police officers and was seen walking on a busy street completely naked. 

“The accused’s conduct towards police was absolutely disgusting, disrespectful and at times intimidating to female staff.”

Quong Tart’s recent problems with alcohol and police were outlined in a statement of facts tendered to the court.

The accused threatened to rape female police officers and was seen walking on a busy street completely naked.

“The accused has come under increasing police notice due to his behaviour including violent and alcohol-related offences,” the statement said.

“The accused is currently under bail conditions for these offences and it is suspected the accused will continue to come under further police notice in the future without sufficient intervention.”

In January this year he was charged with behaving offensively and assaulting a police officer.

He was seen on the median strip of William Street, Darlinghurst “waving his hands in the air erratically” on January 27.

A member of the public alerted police that Quong Tart had “assaulted a taxi driver and then took off”.

When officers approached the actor, he became immediately hostile and began telling them to “f*** off”.

The incident happened after his performance in the cabaret, which focuses on the theme of sexual freedom.

Police activated their body camera videos and called for back-up.

Quong Tart then left the vehicle from the unprotected rear passenger door and was followed by police including Constable Kory Sonter. 

“The accused then turned around and with his right hand in a fist threw a punch at Constable Sonter striking him above his right eye,’ the statement of facts said.  

“Constable Sonter then utilised a defensive strike, taking the accused to the ground.”

Quong Tart was taken to Surry Hills police station where he caused more trouble by refusing to be put in a cell.


The court heard he had been suffering with PTSD since he was wrongly arrested without charge in 2000.

They claim that since then, any interaction with police caused “automatic arousal triggers”.

His lawyer also said he had been subjected to harsh physical discipline by his dad when he was a child and was at the centre of homophobic bullying when he was in high school.

Earlier this year, he had completed a four-week programme at a private rehabilitation facility on the New South Wales north coast.

Downing Centre Local Court heard on May 27 that he was a “decent man” who “abhors” violence and his offending was totally out of character.

“He is in many respects an outstanding citizen,” his defence lawyer said.

Magistrate Alison Viney accepted Quong Tart had PTSD but refused his application for the offences to be dealt with under the Mental Health Act rather than the criminal law. 

Another application was made under the same legislation before Magistrate Susan McGowan at Wollongong Local Court covering both sets of offending. 

Ms McGowan said alcohol had played a part in Quong Tart’s behaviour but used her discretion under the Act and decided not to deal with the matters as crimes. 

Ms McGowan ordered Quong Tart, who pleaded guilty to refusing a breath test, to comply with a psychiatric treatment program and abstain from alcohol and illicit drugs for six months. 

For refusing a breath test she disqualified him from driving for seven months and convicted him on a 12-month community correction order.  


Joshua featured on Home and Away from 2007 to 2011[/caption]

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His defence lawyer claimed he was a “decent man” and his behaviour was out of character[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Earlier this year, he had completed a four-week programme at a private rehabilitation facility on the New South Wales north coast[/caption]

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